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"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere"

Chinese proverb

What is a learner and a learning coach?

At Victoria English Centre, we have chosen to use the word 'learner' to refer to a student and 'learning coach' to refer to teacher or tutor, because we want to create an adult-adult communication dynamic. We realise and appreciate the fact that you are an adult and a unique individual and we want to treat you with the respect you deserve.


What will I learn?

There are a number of different courses you can choose, depending on which areas of English you would like to focus on.

General English: Focuses on English for everyday life. You can choose which of the five core skill areas you focus on. (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Grammar)

Communication English: Our research suggests that speaking is one of the areas many students would like extra practice with. Communication English focuses strongly on this area and includes colloquial speech, pronunciation and accent reduction.

Academic English: Focusses on English relevant to further study, for example help with essay writing and presentations 

IELTS Preparation: Focusses on preparing you for your IELTS test and to help you get the highest band score possible. You can choose which core skills you focus on the most, depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

English for Job Assistance: Focusses on improving your job hunting skills, for example help with CV's, covering letters, application forms and interviews.

Where will I study?

Lessons are held at an agreed location. It can be a learner's house, a library or a café. It depends where the learner feels the most comfortable learning and where is convenient for both the learning coach and the learner. Popular locations in Melbourne are the State library, the City Library as well as  Southbank cafes along by the river.

When will I study?

You can have lessons at a time of your choice (subject to availability). Operating hours are between 09:00-20:00 Monday-Friday.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons are one hour in length. You can however opt to have two lessons in a row if you would like.

How many lessons should I have?

There is no one answer to this question. It ultimately depends on your skills and goals. We do however recommend that in order to improve significantly and progress to the next level, you should enrol in a course of 20 hours or more.

How much do lessons cost?

There are various different packages available. Please complete the contact form and one of our learning coaches will be in touch to discuss your exact requirements. Following your free trial a personalised package will be made to suit your individual needs.

How can I make my payment?

Following your free trial, your learning coach will send you an email providing you with the details to make your payment via PayPal or direct debit.

Do I get any benefit for referring my friends?

Yes! At Victoria English Centre we really value our learners and if you are enjoying your lessons, we want you to tell your friends! For every new learner that you refer to us (as long as they sign up for 10 lessons), we will give both you and your friend a $25 gift voucher each.* 

Can I choose my learning coach?

You can choose your learning coach subject to availability. It depends how many coaches there are working at the available at the time. If you have a preference for gender all efforts will made to accommodate your wish as soon as is practicable.

Are all teachers qualified?

Yes! All our teachers have a minimum of an undergraduate degree and a Teaching English qualification such as a CELTA.

What will happen in your free trial lesson?

During your free trial lesson your learning coach will take the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about you as a person; your interests, learning styles, dreams and goals. They will also discuss a suitable learning plan and start you off on your journey to improve your English. More importantly we find this gives you the opportunity to decide if your learning coach is the right match for you.

What happens if I can't attend a lesson?

If you can not attend a lesson because you are ill or have an important commitment, you should let your coach know as soon as possible and at least 48 hours before the start of the lesson. If you do not advise your coach in time, the price of the session will be forfeited.

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